The recognition of the Polo as an authentic 'University Campus' returns a strong identification of the place, ensuring the identity and specificity within the University.
The 'cultural model' of the campus is reflected in both the 'teaching model' is offered in the model 'management' programmed, which fully reflects the shared cultural lines to lines, horizontally and vertically.
In addition, tight integration between teaching and research within the campus are reflected in the distribution of interior spaces, where the possibility of relationships between teachers and students is ensured by the presence of 'common spaces'.
The second floor plan of the campus halls distributed sequentially within the 'fence' according to an academic system that alternates covered spaces (halls) and collective open spaces, facilitates the exchange and interdisciplinary cooperation between teachers, students and researchers, enriching exponentially the role of Polo as a 'node' to meet the various cultural forces, social and collective co-present.

Furthermore, the presence of the Campus Arata public institutions of great prestige such as the headquarters of the Urban Center, the Order of Architects PP and Restorers of the Province of Piacenza, an important site of the Office of the Plan of the City of Piacenza and a Museum of Natural History, contribute to raising the level of recognition of the entire cultural system present, and to enhance the degree of interaction between Public institutional levels.

Distribuzioni planimetriche e funzionali del Campus Arata:

Caserma della Neve, Via Scalabrini, 76, Piacenza

Campus Arata, Via Scalabrini, 113, Piacenza



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