In the territorial campus of ​​Piacenza - Architecture currently, identifies and characterizes in terms of research according to three different interfering levels: 
-1 The first level develops over a land of ​​international confrontation with academic and external institutions with which long-established relations of close collaboration and exchange, enhancing on one hand the creation of common initiatives in the sections of advanced research, on the other, competing successfully in the innovation processes for the different disciplines;
- 2 The second level is aimed to adjust the field of scientific research on in-progress innovation processes, in relation to different physical, social and technical aspects of scientific research, with the objective of providing young students and researchers not only a high  theoretical level, but also a broader spectrum of development activities and possible fields of application. 
- 3 The third level is aims to strengthen the relations with institutions, with outside running companies and the entrepreneurial world with a profitable exchange that may be on one hand supporting the advancement of academic research inside the sphere (providing resources for the advancement of technology and competitiveness in the international market) and the other, may become a useful vehicle for application of research on real case studies.


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